Services Provided to the Legal Community

At Lion Security International s.r.o., we realize lawyers preparing for a trial have difficult, time-consuming task at hand. This is why our company provides Law Firms and their Corporate clients with the highest quality investigations.
In limiting liability, the Legal Profession requires dependable investigators whose action in the field will not complicate matters further, but will provide the with professional, quality results of the highest caliber.
Our services are not limited to intelligence gathering and surveillance. Specific needs related to various pre-trial and trial requirements are always welcome.

Summary of Legal Investigative Services

  • Civil Liability Investigations
  • Standard and Specialized Surveillance
  • Accident Investigation
  • Background Checks
  • Activity Checks
  • Documentation Service
  • Subject / Witness Locate and Interview


Services provided to the Corporate Community

Our approach towards corporate investigations is to conduct ourselves in a manner that is discreet, ethical and professional, while providing clients with accurate, comprehensive information of the highest quality. Our weekly updating procedure allows our clients to control both the cost and direction of any given investigation.





Services for Foreign Companies.

We will provide Background Checks on your local partners before you invest in the Czech Republic; we will keep you informed of your Investment in the Czech Republic and provide you with Monthly Reports while you are in your home Country.

Scope of Services

  • What is the nature of business of the company?
  • Is this company as prosperous as claimed?
  • How long the company actually been in business.
  • Does the company have any law suits pending?
  • Who are the shareholders of the company?
  • Have the shareholders of the company filed for bankruptcy / insolvency?
  • Does the shareholder have litigation against them?
  • Does a pending litigation or tax lien, suits, or other judgment put the shareholder in a financially difficult situation?
  • Are the shareholders involved with other corporations that would pose a conflict of interest?