Lion Security International s.r.o. provides private investigating services with years of experience abroad, entering the Czech market in 2015. Our Company has applied its experience from the security industry abroad to the Czech market. Our teams consist of well-trained professionals coming mainly from elite police units and the state Armed Forces. Satisfaction of our clients is guaranteed thanks to high success rates, professionalism, prompt compliance with requirements of the clients, efficiency, reliability, flexibility, as well as most reasonable pricing of services rendered.


Why to choose us?

    We profess to:

  • Own an expert long-term proven know-how; which is a long-term cooperation in the field of sales of confiscated objects leased by most leasing companies in the Czech Republic, especially in the area of freight vehicles and passenger cars.
  • Have elaborate own internal processes based on experience in debt collection, people search and leased objects.
  • Have an individualised approach to the needs of our clients.
  • Deal with situations between lender and borrower in the most professional and efficient way.
  • Have a long-term vision of management of risky assets.    
  • We provide solution designed to manage long-term of on-recoverable receivables - tax optimization, etc.
  • We have a long-term experience in banking and insurance sectors
  • We cooperate with other strong partners - through additional services (protection of persons and property, verification of persons and companies, tracing companies and individuals, etc.).
  • Legal procedure
  • We cooperate with some of the Insolvency Administrators in the Czech Republic
  • We are members of:
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