What we offer:

  • Localization and securing motor vehicles from defaulting clients.
  • Localization and securing of stolen motor vehicles for the insurance companies (Stolen, lost, etc.).
  • Localization of debtors for creditors and checking their credit-worthiness.  
  • We locate people and companies for clients (For example for Offices of Executors, Banks, Power corporations, and the like).
  • Enforcing collection of receivables from individuals and corporate entities.
  • Look for solutions of long term or uncollectable receivables.
  • Resolving problematic situations between creditors and debtors.
  • Ensuring preparation of Notarized Agreements with direct powers of enforcement upon debtors.  
  • Assesment of credit-worthiness and assets of individuals or legal entities as per requirements and directives of a client.
  • Uncovering of so called "white horses" or surrogate (new officer of s.r.o., a.s. a ltd.) receivables of those companies which a given moment own and direct our clients, with respect to these legal entities.
  • Preparation of Notarized Agreements with defaulting debtors already during the preparation of a repayment schedule (calendar of due payments)  
  • Preparation of Notarized Agreements for companies and individuals, with whom agreements and contracts were cancelled or became null and void.  


Our understanding of your problems:

  • An effective approach to solution of problems arising with receivables prior to filing with courts of law.
  • Resolve speedily ensuing receivables already at the sign of a client defaulting.
  • On behalf of our clients a respectable but firm approach to collection of receivables.
  • Provide a full-scale solution to receivables by a single service-provider.
  • To strengthen the position of a creditor with respect to his receivables through management of details.
  • To minimize collection expenditures while maintaining satisfactory yields of the receivables.
  • Legality of our Services
  • Maintaining goodwill of our clients at all times.
  • In cooperation with the Offices of Executions for Prague 6 we offer solutions to all receivables:
    • Distress warrants are done according to Law n. 12/200, Coll.
    • A sophisticated system of documentation throughout garnishee order.
    • A proprietary software for preparation of garnishee order.
    • Possibility to prepare proposals for garnishee orders.
    • Maximum efficiency of execution-we chose executor procedures such that, they lead to the fastest attainment of the set goals, and to the satisfaction of the demands of our clients.




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